Health & Safety

Health, Safety and Environmental goals

PipeWeld International Ltd aims to achieve first class performance in health, safety and environment. This includes eliminating injuries, reducing work related ill-health and minimising the effect of our activities on the Environment.

The health and safety of the public and our workforce, along with the protection of the environment, is integral to PipeWeld International's business and is the prime responsibility of management at every level.

Wherever PipeWeld International operates we are committed to achieving the highest level of performance. We maintain that an excellent health, safety and environment record makes good business sense.

PipeWeld International aims to continually improve its performance in order to meet changing business and regulatory needs and always ensures that its policies and management systems are reviewed regularly to ensure that they reflect any necessary changes.

Our Health & Safety Policy

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PipeWeld International Coded Welders to British Standard and ASME IX

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